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Walking the Labyrinth: Research Literacy, Evidence-Informed Practice, and Shared Decision-Making

This session will introduce midwives to the fundamentals of research literacy and evidence-informed practice. Evidence-informed practice is increasingly championed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Institutes of Medicine (IOM), the Center for Optimal Integration (COI), and other leading health entities as a central framework for facilitating shared-decision making, informed choice, and client-centered care. Also called “evidence-based practice” or “evidence-based care or medicine”, an evidence-informed practice (EIP) framework rests in the triad intersection between the best available research with your professional expertise as the midwife alongside the client’s individual values, needs, and context. In this session, we will explore the EIP cycle (Assess-Ask-Acquire-Appraise-Apply) using current midwifery clinical topics, maternal-child health studies, and participatory engagement. In the first half of the session, we will focus on the foundational principles of an EIP framework, finding original studies, critically appraising literature, and applying research to midwifery care. Then, in the second half of the session, we will focus on the teaching and integration of EIP into midwifery education.


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