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Advanced Postpartum Hemorrhage Management Skills for Community Midwives

Postpartum hemorrhage is usually easy enough to prevent or resolve with traditional midwifery management techniques or oxytocin injections. But what about those rare times when it isn’t? Are you prepared? Learn to anticipate and manage severe PPH like a boss in this advanced midwifery skills workshop. We’ll discuss how to identify and manage less common causes of PPH, including placental abruption and partial separation, retained tissue, bleeding vessels in the vagina or cervix, full bladders, and severe uterine atony that doesn’t respond to normal treatment. We’ll explore methods to keep clients stable and alive during severe PPH, including fluid replacement, uterine packing, bimanual compression, uterine balloon tamponade, tranexamic acid, and effective communication during transport with EMS, 911 dispatch, and hospital providers. We’ll get to practice the advanced skills with case studies, role plays, and skills stations. Hands on practice will include: Manual removal of placenta or fragments, IV administration with 18 gauge needles, catheterization, uterine packing and balloon tamponade, and clamping and ligating a bleeding vessel. Upon completion of this workshop, midwives will feel more confident and prepared to handle the unexpected and rare variables that can occur with postpartum hemorrhage.


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