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Heather Thompson

MANA18 Program Committee


Heather Thompson, MS, PhD, is an applied molecular biologist, clinical researcher, birthworker and queer parent.  She is the Deputy Director of Elephant Circle, a reproductive justice organization that loves to get involved in issues involving love, sex, family and community. For the past 7 years Heather has also served as the Research Director at Mountain Midwifery Center (a community birth center) advocating for midwives and community birth through data generation, analysis and dissemination.  She is passionate about supporting the family unit and helping families navigate their own journey, particularly as it relates to maternity care and legal marijuana in her home state of Colorado.  In the past few years, she is especially called to encourage other white folks to embrace and engage in racial justice. Heather enjoys being outside around a campfire with her partner, two kids and larger community.

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2018-10-14 11:30:00

Federal Policy Changes Around Drug Testing at Birth: Clinical Considerations and Advocacy Tools for Midwives and Their Clients

2018-10-11 08:00:00

Whiteness, racism and birth in the US

This full-day preconference workshop will provide participants a chance to dig into the role of white culture and racism on birth and postpartum inequities in the US. We will explore the insidious nature of dominant cultures, and definitions of important terms to explore how white culture and white supremacy function in healthcare systems and the birth industry in the US. A historic look of midwifery in the US will be used to contextualize race, racism and reproductive agency for families of color in the US and the importance of representation.


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