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Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn*

This material was chosen because although every actively practicing midwife is required to keep a current NRP card, AAP/NRP doesn’t include any material written specifically for the out of hospital birth setting. After 900+ hours of debriefs under her belt over the past 29 years (including 6 years as the chair of the Texas Complaint Review Process), Karen Strange has continued to develop and update her content regarding resuscitation of the newborn, specifically for midwives. Karen has surveyed countless midwives through debriefs to find out the most common variations of normal (most likely complications), common misunderstandings, and what typically prevents appropriate action. Karen has found that most midwives are not clear on the when, why and how to breathe for a baby who is not breathing or not breathing well. Karen focuses on the least traumatic resuscitation techniques and simple, clear tools to use when fear and panic set in. This information is compiled from midwives’ experiences and is ever evolving to meet the needs of current midwifery education. 

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