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Kimberly Noble Piper

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Kimberly Noble Piper, RN, BS, CPH, CPHG, is the state genetics coordinator for Iowa and the Executive Officer for the Center for Congenital and Inherited Disorders at the Iowa Department of Public Health. She holds certifications in public health and public health genomics. Ms. Noble Piper started her nursing career as a maternity nurse and manager of maternity services at the state’s largest birthing hospital. Through her tenure at the maternity hospital, Ms. Noble Piper lead the state’s first perinatal transport team, as well as teaching child birth education classes to expectant families. Ms. Noble Piper was the perinatal nurse consultant for IDPH for six years prior to becoming the state genetics coordinator in 2004. As the Executive Officer for the Center for Congenital and Inherited Disorders, she is responsible for administrative oversight of the state’s public health genomic programs. This includes newborn screening, maternal prenatal screening, regional genetics and neuromuscular clinics, Iowa Registry for Congenital and Inherited Disorders (Iowa’s birth defects and stillbirth registry), family health history programming, and life course theory. Ms. Noble Piper has served as the principal investigator and project director for several federal and private grants related to newborn screening and stillbirth surveillance and prevention.

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2018-10-13 17:15:00

Newborn Screening & Community Midwives: Evidence-based Updates & Strategies for Success


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