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Madeline Murray

MANA 2019 Speaker


Madeline Murray, CPM is a midwife in Atlanta, GA, and a graduate of Midwives College Utah. She practices sustainable midwifery as part of Modern Midwifery, a three-midwife homebirth practice, and she preaches sustainable midwifery through her blog, www.believeinmidwifery.com, her Instagram page, @believeinmidwifery, and personal consultations. Madeline has spoken and taught at MANA, the Michigan Midwives Association Conference, Midwives College of Utah, and is a contributor to Midwifery Today magazine on this topic. During her clinical training, Madeline became fascinated and exhausted by midwives’ on-call lifestyle. Burn-out is an all-too common casualty in her profession. She completed research that produced both information on the nature and contributing factors of burn-out, as well as guidelines to introduce a work/life balance to a profession that struggles with a business model that supports self-care. Madeline is passionate about midwifery and bringing the Midwives Model of Care™ to more American families and believes that modern midwifery culture must be deliberate in addressing these concepts, which may keep midwives healthy and sustained. Madeline hopes we can make midwifery a more attainable and sustainable career by focusing on the importance of self-awareness, self-care and work/life balance in both academic and clinical education.

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2019-11-03 11:30:00

Making More Midwives: Sustainability through Self-Awareness, Self-Care and Work/Life Balance


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