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Making More Midwives: Sustainability through Self-Awareness, Self-Care and Work/Life Balance

The stress caused by the on-call lifestyle and its physical effects as well as the psychological effects of the co-experience of trauma by so many in the caring professions is one reason for the high rate of burnout in Midwifery. The first step in solving the problem is to understand that we do indeed have one. The goal of this workshop is to educate midwives and those interested in midwifery about the perils of the on-call lifestyle and empower them to learn how to combat those perils and make their individual careers sustainable in order to help more women and families. Self-Care is quite the buzzword these days, but its meaning has become twisted. No amount of pedicures or bubble baths are going to fix the issues mentioned above. The true meaning of self-care involves taking responsibility for yourself, your actions and your choices, and sometimes requires difficult work. You cannot practice self-care if you do not know who your SELF is. Before self-care, must come self-awareness. There are as many ways to practice midwifery sustainably as there are midwives. This breakout session will aim to help each person leave with their own personal “how.”


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