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MOMS: A Way to Fight for Midwifery and Education

Racism, sexism, and colonialism are ugly and controversial concepts that permeate our lives in birth work and education. Not all even agree that these are present among birth workers and agencies; and few offer effective models as alternatives to the status quo.

This session explores the work of one small international non-profit, Midwives on Missions of Service. MOMS, which deliberately and carefully crafted an anti-colonial model, prepares women in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to provide evidence-based maternity care and act as agents for change in their communities. This model is highly effective and is unique in that it consciously requires a considerable investment in building respectful relationships. The model is based on a questioning of other models of midwifery education and of international development and relief. The strength of the model is the relationships and the joy and pride of all those involved.

After seeing MOMS' work and the people, participants will analyze the model to identify the values, priorities, and goals that lead to its effectiveness. With that analysis, participants can readily evaluate the model and consider how to adapt it for their own setting and desire to work to develop midwives.


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