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Newborn Screening & Community Midwives: Evidence-based Updates & Strategies for Success

The newborn screening (NBS) program is a nationally concerted effort to support neonatal health and long-term well-being. The program is a preventative measure with three screens recommended for all newborns: newborn blood spot, critical congenital heart disease (CCHD), and early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI). As birthing providers, midwives must be equipped with the evidence-based information, skills, and resources necessary to engage shared decision-making with clients around NBS. The purpose of this session is to review updated evidence on all three newborn screens (blood spot, CCHD, EHDI) and deliver strategies for NBS success for community midwives working in community birth settings. Specifically, we will cover: NBS as a system and preventative measure; research evidence for all three newborn screens; NBS regulatory requirements by state; foundations for performing the screens with accuracy and timeliness; client education and informed choice discussions; establishing collaborations with state NBS programs; and NBS resources for community midwives. This session will be interactive and participatory for attendees. Lessons learned from innovative community partnerships between midwives and NBS state programs will also be highlighted. Upon completion of this session, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive toolkit for engaging newborn screening in community birth settings.


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