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Paula X. Rojas

MANA 2019 Speaker


Paula X. Rojas, LM has over 20 years of experience working in community organizing. Born in Chile, then passing through Houston, TX, she spent over a decade working as an organizer in Brooklyn, NY. Following in the footsteps of her family members in Chile, Paula has worked on grassroots social justice issues affecting her own local community since she was a teen. Her jobs have ranged from Economic Justice Coordinator at a community youth center, to developing an investigation program to prove racial/ethnic discrimination at a Fair Housing organization. In New York, she co-founded various community non-profit organizations focused on issues affecting young and adult Black and Latina women, including Sista II Sista and Pachamama. The bulk of her grassroots work has been focused on the issues of gender violence, childcare access, healthcare access, police violence, and worker’s rights. Paula has played a role in supporting and amplifying local organizing work as co-founder of the New York Organizing Support Center and as member of the national leadership team of INCITE!, where she worked training and supporting the local chapters and affiliates around the country. Since moving to Austin, TX, in 2008, Paula co-founded Mamas of Color Rising and worked to launch Refugio (Center for Community Organizing). Paula is also a contributor to the collection, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex. She continues to search for organizing models towards a more just and loving world from outside of the non-profit paradigm. Recently, Paula became a licensed midwife in order to put a more equitable maternal health model into practice. Paula continues to work as a consultant/trainer for social justice organizations both locally and nationally. She is the mother of two amazing kids, Xue-li and Camino, and loves to dance!

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