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Pregnancy and Postpartum Mood Disorders; risk, evaluation and access

In our culture mood disorders and mental health are areas that carry much shame and stigma. As care providers we have a unique role to play in our clients’ lives. We also have the opportunity to build trust that will enable the client to receive the support that they may not receive elsewhere. If we go into these conversations and screenings unaware, we may inadvertently cause additional mental health traumas. There are risk factors that make awareness of our biases a high priority. We may discount the lived experience of a client who is of low socioeconomic status. We may make assumptions about the lived experience of those who are at risk of marginalization within the dominant culture.

Our presentation will build essential awareness and the development of safety for clients in the clinical setting. Presenters, Melissa Smith-Tourville, MSW, CPM, LM and Erin Kaspar-Frett, CPM, LM, MSM are both experienced midwives who are in the LGBTQIA+ community. Melissa holds a master's degree in social work with a clinical mental health emphasis and Erin has training in counseling. They bring their collective experience and expertise to offer a practical and compassionate approach to this essential topic.

This presentation will go beyond screening clients for postpartum depression. We will explore the signs and symptoms that are more subtle and often overlooked. We will address how to access effective resources for our clients. We will explore the role of the midwife as we cover an overview of common disorders.


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