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PushSummit 2019

Working toward licensure for Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) in your state? Planning to? In one of the 35 states that already license CPMs but facing hostile rules, regulations, governing boards, or a sunset review on the horizon? Concerned about the future of VBAC / HBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean / home birth after cesarean) and limitations / restrictions on Medicaid in your state for CPM coverage? Frustrated by lack of consensus and infighting within your local birth community? Facing legislative roadblocks, back-door dealings, and insider politics at your state capitol preventing you from advancing?

Answer YES to any of these questions? Join us October 31 in Austin, Texas for PushSummit 2019, a pre-conference Workshop of the MANA 2019 Conference. Share your insight, wisdom, and experience. Learn from veteran birth activists who’ve been there – or are still there – in the trenches.

PushSummit 2019 gathers change agents within the birth community who are pushing for legal CPM practice in every US State and territory to discuss topics such as effective organizing tactics, grassroots mobilization, news media, social media, best-practice resources and tools, promoting positive messages about CPMs, the Midwives Model of Care™, community birth – everything to build effective public education and legislative campaigns to expand access to the full range of birth options for moms and families nationwide.

Midwives and Consumer Activist Groups, Birth Networks, Birthing Rights Organizations: if you’re working to improve birth, you can benefit greatly from PushSummit 2019. Send a representative and advance your state with a Big Push!


Members receive a discount on conference admission and many other benefits.