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Rebecca Turecky

MANA 2019 Speaker


Rebecca Turecky, ND, CNM is the President of Mamasol Association and an independent homebirth midwife in Costa Rica. She studied Women’s Studies (UCSC), Holistic Nursing (Univ. of Colorado), and Midwifery (FSMFN) in the United States, then validated all her degrees through the University of Costa Rica. She has resided in the rural town of Turrialba for almost 30 years. In 2000, she co-founded Mamasol, a non-profit organization which promotes the “humanization of childbirth” in Costa Rica, a movement that educates and advocates for a more holistic and feminist model of health care and denounces the pervasive obstetric violence against women in the nation’s maternity hospitals. Mamasol gives public presentations about women’s human rights in childbirth and evidence-based practice, educates health professionals, advises public policy officials, trains doulas, leads sexuality and empowerment groups for adolescent women, and leads the fight to defend women’s choice to decide where, how, and with whom to give birth. Rebecca is one of the only independent home birth midwives still practicing in the country, after years of restrictive laws on traditional midwifery have made homebirth practically obsolete. She was fortunate to meet one of the last living Costa Rican midwives, Doña Miriam Elizondo, in the early 1990s, and has spent 25 years cherishing her wisdom and friendship, which has recently been documented in the film, “The Last Partera.”

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2019-11-01 20:00:00

The Last Partera


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