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Research Literacy & Community Birth: Applying Evidence-informed Practice during Clinical Care

Integrating research into care for community midwives is best accomplished through an evidence-informed practice (EIP) framework. EIP rests at the triad intersection of the best available research, the midwife’s professional expertise, and the client’s individual needs and values. For the past two years at MANA conferences, midwives have nurtured their “EIP toolkit” by learning foundational principles and applications. At MANA 2018, midwives will have the opportunity to discover pragmatic strategies for integrating research into clinical practice flow in community birth settings. The purpose of this participant-engaged session is to equip community midwives with the tools and skills necessary for moving from “research in theory” to “research in the real world”. With an emphasis on practicality and models for the busy midwife, we will cover: preparing your practice for EIP integration; the research-practice work flow; point-of-care tools; CATs (critically appraised topics); academic program and community partnerships; social and cultural considerations in EIP; and the role of students/apprentices during EIP integration. Lessons learned from an “EIP in the Birth Center” pilot project with community midwives will also be reviewed. Collectively, strategies taught will “come alive” as participants design their own approach to EIP in clinical care, accounting for their unique practice model, clientele, and community birth settings.


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