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Roxanne Anderson

MANA 2019 Speaker


Roxanne Anderson, LM, CPM became a midwife through a traditional apprenticeship in Texas from 1988-1990. She became a state registered midwife practicing independently in an under-served rural area for four years. Roxanne took a break from full-time practice to get married, go overseas and have three home births of her own. During her break she also got to deliver two babies in Nepal. In 2009 she returned to full time midwifery and acquired her CPM. Roxanne has also traveled to Senegal and the Philippines to gain cross-cultural birth experience. She worked at Family Birth Services, a free-standing state-licensed birth center in Texas, for seven years, filling several roles including clinical director, administrator, apprenticeship director (one of her favorites) and staff midwife. During those years at FBS she participated extensively in the highly successful FBS apprenticeship program, training ten students, and helping to further develop the program. Roxanne completed NARM’s Bridge program in 2016 and has served on working groups for state midwifery legislation. She currently practices as a full-time staff midwife at the busy Origins Birth and Wellness Collective birth center in Ft. Worth Texas and hangs out with her three adult kids in between births. She is a member of MANA, NACPM, ATM and NTM.

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2019-11-02 17:00:00

Creating and Sustaining Successful Partnerships Between Preceptors and Apprentices*


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