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Takiya Sakina Ballard

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Takiya Sakina Ballard completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1998 from Syracuse University as a single mother and two years later began her midwifery studies at New York University graduating in 2003 with a Master in Midwifery. She immediately began practicing full-scope midwifery at a hospital-based practice in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Takiya is as a crusader for women, an advocate for natural intact birth, a lactation counselor and a nurse midwife who will be proudly celebrating 15 years of service to women this August! She’s cared for thousands of families and helped nearly that same number of women to birth their babies.

In an effort to broaden her scope of skill and practice, she became a tenure-track nursing professor teaching maternal-child health and a staff midwife and clinical educator at Birth Care & Family Health Services in Central Pennsylvania. There she worked with Amish and Mennonite families, attending births in the freestanding birthing center, a local community hospital, and in the clients’ homes. It was here that she truly witnessed the power of women to exercise and voice their desires to a community of practitioners who listened and afforded women the choice of birthing wherever and however they wanted.

While teaching at the college, she developed a global education course where students traveled to Kenya on medical missions and provided medical care to residents of remote villages using limited resources. Not only would Takiya be found running the medical clinics but she provided women’s health and maternity care to women who walked miles just receive most times the only care in their entire pregnancy and at times their entire life. In 2013 she returned to Brooklyn, New York, her hometown and started her practice Sakina Midwifery Service in 2014. Sakina Midwifery Service offers exceptional midwifery care to the women in the comfort of their own homes “the way it used to be”. Her belief is that all women deserve this intimate care and the ability to choose to birth the way they want!

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