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Trauma Informed Care as a Universal Precaution - Moving from theory to practice

Perinatal researchers have proposed that midwives and other health care providers incorporate principles of a trauma-informed approach into their practices and many have begun actively seeking to incorporate more friendly, “trigger-free” protocols when working with clients who disclose a history of trauma.  Although translating theory into practice can prove difficult, it is imperative that we begin to use trauma informed care as a universal precaution, making our care proactive instead of  reactive, thereby increasing our effectiveness and preventing re-traumatization for those who might not disclose or who do not identify as trauma-affected. Recent studies highlighting the affects of lifetime systemic trauma and stress on people of color, queer and gender non-conforming peoples makes this work a potential key in discussions on reducing infant and maternal morbidity and mortality in our country.

In this workshop we will briefly overview the literature on trauma, its effects on the childbearing year and the basics of trauma informed care. Together we will use discussion and role-play to brainstorm, explore and practice communication skills, physical interactions with clients as well as ways we might help those experiencing triggering events. The goal of this workshop is to identify areas in our personal  interactions with clients that could be improved by the adoption of trauma - informed protocols.


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